Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thanksgiving Table Turkey

Today's Craft: Thanksgiving Table Turkey
A three-dimensional turkey for you to make, decorate, and place anywhere!
To make this terrific table turkey, first take a sizable amount of tin foil and mold it into an oval shape to make a body for your turkey. Cover this with brown tissue paper. Next cut out turkey feathers in a variety of different colors and attach them to a small piece of pipe cleaner, leaving the end of the pipe cleaner exposed. Cut out a head and beak for the turkey using the templates provided and attach them to the front of the turkey's body with glue or tape. Decorate the feathers and let them dry. Now stick them into the turkey's body to make a terrific turkey. If you want glue on more feathers to the turkey's body as well. Enjoy Crafting!

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