Monday, October 02, 2006

Cool Cork Pilgrims

Today's Craft: Cool Cork Pilgrims
Make a cool looking pilgrim out of corks and construction paper.

To make this craft project you will need two corks, black construction paper, glue, scissors, and some markers or paints.

To begin wash, clean, and dry your corks.

Next take your scissors and cut out a small black circle- this will be the brim of your pilgrim's hat.

Now take your corks and glue them together with the black construction paper hat brim in the middle- use the picture as a guide.

Let dry until sturdy.

Now you are ready to give your pilgrim some character.

The bottom cork is your pilgrim's face- add facial features with your markers or paint.

The top cork is the top of your pilgrim's hat- add a buckle and some color.

Let dry and enjoy.

Enjoy Crafting!

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