Monday, May 28, 2007

Fish and a Fishing Pole!

Today's Craft : Fish and a Fishing Pole!
Get ready to Catch the Big One!

Create your own fish design or use the template provided and decorate your fish with crayons, bright tissue paper, pre-cut shapes, or aluminum foil. Let it dry. Next create a fishing pole out of craft sticks. Tape many of them together, end to end, until you have the length of pole you desire. Next attach a long piece of ribbon or string to the end of the fishing pole and secure a paper clip. Enjoy Crafting!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Largest Tie Ever

Daily Craft: Largest Tie Ever
Create a largest tie ever and wear it with style.

To make this craft project you will need a very large piece of colored construction paper or a colored heavier weight paper, a hole puncher, 2 pipecleaners, scissors, and markers or crayons. To begin take your scissors and your large piece of paper and cut out a very large tie shape. Punch two holes with your hole puncher on either side of the very top of the tie. Thread your pipecleaner through one of the holes- when you put it on you will thread the pipecleaner through the other side so you can wear it. Now decorate your tie with your markers or crayons- create splashy, dynamic designs full of color and fun! Enjoy Crafting!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pretty Pencil Holders

Today's Craft : Pretty Pencil Holders
To make a fantastic holder for your pencils and pens you will need a small jar, empty coffee can, or a large cup. Take the container you have selected and cover the outside of the container with brightly colored tissue paper-whatever color you choose. Cover it with two layers of tissue paper and secure the tissue paper in place with glue or tape. If you selected a large cup you might want to add about 1/2 inch of sand or a rock to the bottom of your pencil holder to give it weight so it won't tip over. Decorate your holder with pre-cut shapes, glitter, markers, and more. Add your name if you like! Enjoy Crafting!
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fingerpaint Fire

Today's Craft : Fingerpaint Fire
Create a blazing colorful mixture of red and yellow finger paint.

To make this craft project, you will need red and yellow fingerpaints and a piece of paper. To begin paint with your red and yellow fingerpaints, mixing them into oranges, on a piece of paper creating a fiery scene. Let dry. Enjoy Crafting!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Elephant Masks

Today's Craft : Elephant Masks
To create an enormous elephant mask for yourself take a piece of heavier weight gray paper and cut a large circular face and attach a craft stick at the base for a holder. Next cut out eye slits so you will be able to see through your elephant mask. Now you are ready to cut out large elephant ears and a huge trunk. Attach the ears to the mask with glue or tape to the mask and add the trunk to the center of the mask with a brass fastener so it swings back and forth. Decorate and you'll have a great elephant mask! Enjoy Crafting!

Elephant Mask Template

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Really Funny Rooster

Today's Craft : Really Funny Rooster
Do you wake up easily? Have you ever slept on a farm and been woken up by a rooster in the morning? Would you like to make a rooster of your own?

To make this craft project you will need a styrofoam cup, white tissue paper, tape, red construction paper, yellow construction paper, white paper, scissors, a dixie cup, yellow pipe cleaners, glue, and crayons.To begin, take your tissue paper and cut or tear it into small rectangluar pieces. These will be your rooster's feathers. Flip your cup upside down and glue them onto the cup. Layer them to give the rooster's body a feathered look. Set aside and let your rooster's body dry. Attach the dixie cup to the top of the styrofoam cup. This will be your rooster's head.Next cut out some rooster features. You can use your own imagination or the templates provided at the address below. Cut the rooster's comb and other features from red construction paper. Take a piece of white paper and cut out some cute rooster eyes. Also take a piece of yellow construction paper and cut out a small yellow triangle for your rooster's beak.Next take your yellow pipe cleaners. Cut one of them in half and poke each piece through the lower part of the rooster's body in the front. These will become your rooster's legs. Take another pipe cleaner and cut small pipe cleaner pieces to wrap on the rooster's legs to create rooster feet. Use the picture as a guide. Now let's assemble your rooster! Tape or glue the rooster's features to the dixie cup- use the picture as a guide.Now decorate your rooster further with crayons. Add more features and decorations, maybe even a cute rooster name.

Enjoy Crafting!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Letter G becomes a Golf Green

Today's Craft:
Letter G becomes a Golf Green

Transform your letter G into a great golf green.

To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, markers or crayons, and glue. To begin, cut out a a letter G in a sandy color so it will resemble a bunker, and one long paper strip and small rectangle for the flag from your colored construction paper. Next arrange and glue them on a background piece of green paper to create a great golf green- use the picture as a guide. Let dry. Decorate further with your markers or crayons. Enjoy Crafting!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Craft Stick Chalkboard

Today's Craft : Craft Stick Chalkboard
To make this craft project you will need craft sticks, glue, scissors, chalkboard paper, and tape. Additionally if you wish to decorate the frame of the chalkboard further, you will need paint or markers. To start take four groupings of two craft sticks each and glue them lengthwise to create 4 craft stick sections. These with be the frame for your chalkboard. Let them dry. Next take you chlakboard paper and cut a rectangle or square piece which will fit within the length and width of your frame. Glue the ends of it to two separate craft stick sections. Next glue the remaining two craft stick sections on top of the other two sections- use the picture as a guide. Let it dry and then flip the frame over. Cover the back of the frame with craft sticks by gluing them in place one next to the other. Now let your chalkboard dry and decorate it further if you wish. Enjoying Crafting!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Button Picture Frames

Today's Craft : Button Picture Frames
Frame a picture with pretty buttons to create a special gift.

To make this craft project you will need a heavy weight piece of paper or cardboard, and assortment of flat buttons, tacky glue and scissors. To begin take your scissors and cut out two pieces of paper or cardboard in the size and shape that you want your picture frame to take. Put one aside. Take the other and cut out the center in an attractive form leaving the edges for you to cover with buttons. Glue your buttons to this piece covering the border. Let dry. Now take your picture and glue it to the center of the piece of paper or cardboard you put aside. Next glue the button covered frame over the picture and let dry. Attach a ribbon to the back if you want to hang it up. Enjoy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sand Art Bottles

Today's Craft : Sand Art Bottles
Create a beautiful sand design in a bottle.

To make this craft project you will need a glass bottle or jar, a brush, and packets of colored sand. Clean your bottle and let it dry. Next begin to fill it up by layering different colors of sand one on top of the next. Use your brush to level the sand you add or poke it down along the sides of the jar to create a pointed pattern in the sand. Enjoy Crafting!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

3D Flower Picture

Today's Craft : 3D Flower Picture
Make a flower picture that really jumps out at you!

To make this craft project you will need small paper cups, pipe cleaners, colored construction paper, scissors, paint, glue, a paintbrush, and a large colored background piece of paper. First take a number of paper cups and cut wedges out of them all the way around the cups to form flower petals. Paint these all sorts of pretty colors. Make as many as you want. Next take your colored construction paper and cut large flat pointed petal flowers and large green leaves. Now you are ready to assemble your picture. Put down the large petal flower, place the flower cup in the center of it, add a pipe cleaner stem and great green leaves! Create a beautiful garden or a simple picture! Enjoy Crafting!

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Monday, May 07, 2007


Today's Craft : Sailboats
Let's go sailing! Cut out a sailboat, two sails, and a mast using the patterns provided and glue them on a piece of background paper. Decorate the sails and the boat. Add some sailors, a sun and clouds, waves and fish, if you have time! Enjoy Crafting!

Sailboat Template

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fabulous Fruit Printing

Today's Craft : Fabulous Fruit Printing
Create fantastic print using paint and common fruits!

To make this craft project you will need paint, paper, a large brush, a knife to cut your fruit, and some newspaper for your work area. To begin select a piece of fruit that you would like to make a print with- perhaps an apple, a pear, a lemon, or even something like a mushroom! Cut the selected fruit in half with your knife. Next take your brush and paint the half of the fruit. Now press the half down on the piece of paper you wish to create your print on. Make as many prints on the piece of paper as you want. Let dry and you will have a fabulous print. You can also make gift wrap this way! Enjoy Crafting!
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Super Cinco de Mayo Sombrero

Today's Craft: Super Cinco de Mayo Sombrero
Cut a huge circle about three feet in diameter from butcher paper. Next make a large cone to be the top of the sombrero and secure it in place with tape or glue on top of the large circle. Now decorate your sombrero with all sorts of materials- crayons, paper designs, pom-poms, glitter, and more. Enjoy Crafting!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Bee Hives

Today's Craft : Bee Hives
For this craft you will need pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, tissue paper and construction paper. Take a sizable piece of foil and scrunch it into a bee hive shape and cover it completely with brownish tissue paper- this will be the hive. Next cut out bees from yellow paper, and black stripes and white wings. Assemble your bees. Cut pieces of pipe cleaner of varying lengths and attach the bees to hive with the pipe cleaner sections so that they are buzzing around the hive. Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Craft Stick Flower Pictures

Today's Craft : Craft Stick Flower Pictures
Create a neat floral picture using craft sticks and construction paper.

To make this craft project you will need a number of craft sticks, construction paper, glue, and markers. To begin select a large piece of construction paper to use as a background for your picture. Next cut out a circle for the center of your flower (cut many if you want to make many flowers), green leaves, and a long strip for your flower's stem. Next place the center circle down and glue it in place. Now arrange the craft sticks around the circle coming out of it as flower petals. Add the leaves and stem. Next decorate with colorful markers. Enjoy Crafting!

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