Sunday, October 01, 2006

Halloween Craft: Wild and Wonderful Witch Hat

Today's Craft: Wild and Wonderful Witch Hat for Halloween

To make this craft project you will need black construction paper, newspaper or paper scraps, glue, tape, scissors, ribbon, and materials with which to decorate your cackling wild witch hat.

To begin, take a large piece of black construction paper and bend it into a large pointed cone. Tape it in place and trim the bottom of the cone with your scissors so it is level.

Next stuff this cone with newspaper or paper scraps. Leave about two inches un-stuffed.

The stuffing will keep your witch's hat from denting in.

Next take another piece of black construction paper (or a heavier weight piece of paper if you want your hat to be more sturdy) and cut it into a circle.

Then cut another circle inside this circle that is slightly smaller than your head and the base of the cone you made.

This hole will allow you to wear your hat.

Next take the cone and cut flaps into the bottom.

You do this by making several about one inch vertical cuts around the bottom edge of the cone.

Fold out these flaps.

Place the cone on top of the circle and tape the flaps down.

You now have a basic Witch's hat!

Now tie black and orange ribbon around the base of the witches hat.

This will cover the flaps and add a decorative flair.Now let's decorate!

Add spider webs by stretching out cotton, spiders with fangs, stars, magical shapes, snakes, and anything else you can imagine!

Enjoy Crafting!

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