Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beautiful Blowfish

Today's Craft: Beautiful Blowfish
Have you ever wanted a blowfish? Let's make one! To make this craft project you will need a small balloon, tin foil, pipe cleaners, scissors, tape, glue, and a colored pom-pom. To begin, inflate your small balloon and set it aside. This is your fish. Next create the spectacular skin for this fish with pipe cleaners, tin foil, tape, scissors, and glue. First cut a large piece of tin foil and double it up. Wrap it around your fish and then unwrap it and trim it so the foil fit the balloon fish well. When you have the right size tin foil, unfold it and lay it flap. Now take your colored pipe cleaner and cut them into small pieces. Next take each one of those pipe cleaner pieces and bend them into L shapes. Tape the lower part of the L to the tin foil fish skin until the whole piece is pointed and prickly. Now cut out a large and wide fish tail from a doubled piece of tin foil using the picture as a guide. Tape it to one end of the balloon. Cover the balloon with glue. Now gently re-wrap the tin foil fish skin around the balloon and secure it in place. Add a large colored pom-pom eye and you have a beautiful blow fish! Enjoy Crafting!

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