Friday, October 20, 2006

One Very Scary Bug!

Today's Craft: One Scary Bug!
To make this craft project you will need two dixie or small bathroom cups (if you want to create a much larger bug, use larger cups), a lot of q-tips (cotton swabs), tape, glue, scissors, colored construction paper, and crayons, and other decorative materials. To begin take your dixie or bathroom cups and tape them together. Tape the tops of the cups together to create a solid cylinder. This will become your scary bug's body. Next take your q-tip and bend them at funny angles and tape them to the sides of the bug body you just created to form beautiful bug legs. Add as many legs to your bug as you want! Next take your colored construction paper and cut out bug eyes and teeth. Select any color you want. Glue or tape them to the fron of your bug. Now decorate your scary bug further. Add wings, stingers, textures, and more! You decide! Enjoy Crafting!

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