Saturday, March 31, 2007

Great 3D Paper Easter Eggs

Today's Craft: Great 3D Paper Easter Eggs
Create some fantastic and decorative paper eggs for Easter from simple materials. They are a snap to make! Fill a basket, make an Easter Egg tree, and more...
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, crayons, and other materials to decorate youe Easter eggs. To begin select all different colors of construction to create your Easter eggs. Each Easter egg will be made from four paper strips of different colors. You could also use the same colors- whatever you wish! First take a piece of colored construction paper, hold it horizontally, and cut strips about 1/2 inch wide. Next cut these strips in half. Repeat with other colors of paper. Now take each of these strips of paper and cut the ends of the strips with your scissors into points. Now you are ready to create your Easter eggs. Take two colorful strips and attach the pointed ends together with tape or glue to form a bowed oval shape. Now attach another paper strip to the two you just attached together at the intersection of the points. Add a fourth paper strip to complete the egg. Use the picture as a guide. Now you have a fabulous Easter egg! Decorate it further with markers, crayons, glitter, and more. Add scriptures to each egg or special Easter messages. Enjoy Crafting!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Delightful and Dashing Duck Masks

Today's Craft : Delightful and Dashing Duck Masks
To make this craft project you will need several craft sticks, colored construction paper, yellow and white paper, scissors, feathers (optional), glue, tape, and crayons.To begin take several craft sticks and tape them together end to end to create a longer craft stick. This will be the holder for your mask.Next using the the templates at the address below or your own imagination, cut out a delightful duck face and dashing duck bill. Cut the large duck face out of your white construction paper. Or use another color if you prefer! Be sure to cut out two eyes for you to peer through the mask. Use the picture as a guide.Next cut out a large dashing duck bill from your yellow construction paper. Next tape or glue the delightful duck bill to the duck's face.Next tape or glue the craft stick mask holder to the backside of the dashing duck mask. Be sure leave enough of the craft stick holder stick out at the bottom to hold onto.Decorate your daring duck mask further with crayons and wear it with style! Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Inviting Easter Envelope

Today's Craft : An Inviting Easter Envelope
Send someone a wonderful Easter note in this bright fun chicken envelope!
To make this project you will need an envelope, a pipe cleaner, and some yellow, orange, and other colored crayons. First turn your envelope over and fold up the flap. Draw two eyes at the top of the point and a beak for your bird just below. Next draw in the outline of wings along the envelope creases. Now take your pipe cleaner and bend it into a V. Trim about an inch piece off the end of each V and wind the pieces around the ends to create three-pointed chicken feet. Tape the top bend of the V on the bottom of the other side of the envelope to create feet for your bird. now you are ready to decorate your bird- color him yellow, add orange to the beak, big bright eyes- even real feathers if you want. Now take a small piece of white paper that will fit in the envelope and write a little note or greeting to send to someone special.
Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paper Easter Egg Tree

Today's Craft : Paper Easter Egg Tree
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers and crayons. To begin using the templates provided cut out a tree trunk from your brown paper and green leaf sections from your green paper. Glue them on a background piece of paper to create a fabulous tree. Next take out different colored construction paper and cut out a variety of egg shapes. Decorate them with markers or crayons and then glue them on the tree. Let dry. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cool Carrot Treat Bags

Today's Craft : Cool Carrot Treat Bags
Fill a cone carrot with all sorts of fun Easter treats and candy!
To make this craft project you will need orange construction paper, tape, glue, green tissue paper, 2 green pipe cleaners, scissors, and fun treat to fill up your cool carrot. To begin take your piece of orange construction paper, bend it into a cone, and secure its shape with tape. Next take your two pipecleaners and weave them together- they will become the handle for your carrot. Attach one end to each side of the top of the carrot. Next take your green tissue paper and cut out two or three large leafy shapes and attach them to the top of your cone so they drape over the outside- this is your carrot's leafy top. Now you are ready to fill up your carrot with all sorts of treats. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Marshmallow Bunnies

Today's Craft: Marshmallow Bunnies
A Simple and Adorable Easter Bunny which is a snap to make! You might just eat a few marshmallows on your way to creating this cute little bunny!
To make this craft project you will need some marshmallows (large and small), toothpicks, a pipe cleaner, scissors, markers, construction paper, and glue.To begin take two large marshmallows and stick them together with a toothpick- one on top of the other. These marshmallows are your bunny's head and body.Next take two little marshmallows and stick them onto a toothpick. Repeat. Now stick these toothpicks into the top of the bunny's head to form cute bunny ears.Next take several toothpicks and break them in half. Stick a small marshmallow on the end of each one. Stick two of these in the front for cute bunny legs and stick one in the back for a cute cotton ball tail.Now cut out a small bowtie from your colored construction paper. Take your colorful pipe cleaner and cut about a two inch section. Thread the bowtie through the pipe cleaner and bend it around the bunny's neck so he looks like he is wearing the neck.Now decorate your bunny further if you wish!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Easter Egg Frame

Today's Craft : Easter Egg Frame
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, glue, a photo, and 2 heavy weight piece of papers or cardboard. To begin take your scissors and cut out two pieces of paper or cardboard in the size and shape that you want your picture frame to take, or you can use the basic frame shape template provided below. Put one aside. Take the other and cut out the center in an attractive form leaving the edges for you to cover with paper Easter eggs. Cut out a lot of construction paper Easter eggs in a wide variety of colors. Glue your Easter eggs to the cardboard piece, covering the border. Let dry. Now take your picture and glue it to the center of the piece of paper or cardboard you put aside. Next glue the Easter egg covered frame over the picture and let dry. Attach a ribbon to the back if you want to hang it up.
Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Easter Bunny Masks

Today's Craft : Easter Bunny Masks
Easter is just around the corner!
Create a simple and cute Easter Bunny mask.
It will transform you or anyone into one cute bunny!
To make this craft project you will need two paper plates, scissors, colored pipe cleaners, tape, glue, craft sticks, cotton balls, colored construction paper and crayons. To begin take your craft sticks and tape several together end to end to make a larger craft stick. This will be your mask's holder. Next take one of your white paper plates and cut out two large arcing bunny ears. Use the picture as a guide. Next take the other paper plate and using your scissors cut out two bunny eyes in the top center of the plate. You will be able to see through your mask through these eye holes. This will be your Easter Bunny face. Next attach the two bunny ears to the top of the bunny's face. Use tape or glue. Now secure the mask holder to the base of the the mask with tape. Next cut out a colorful triangle nose and glue it to the Easter Bunny's face. Add colorful pipe cleaner whiskers, cotton ball fur, and more! Let your mask dry and have some fun!
Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cute Bunny Paperweight

Today's Craft : Cute Bunny Paperweight
Transform an ordinary rock into a cute bunny paperweight.
To make this craft project you will need a smooth rounded rock, white paint, wiggly eyes, cotton balls, a pipecleaner, tacky glue, scissors, and felt bunny ears. To begin clean your rock and let it dry. Next paint it white and let it dry. Now add a cotton ball tail, felt bunny ears, pipecleaner whiskers, and wiggly eyes with tacky glue. Let dry. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easter Egg Lollipop

Today's Craft : Easter Egg Lollipop
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, a flat lollipop, tape or glue, markers or crayons, and scissors. To begin, cut out a small Easter egg shape. Decorate one side of it with your markers or crayons- add bright colors, patters, designs, etc. Next tape or glue your lollipop to the center of the other side- use the picture as a guide.
Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Easter Bunny Juggling Eggs

Today's Craft: Easter Bunny Juggling Eggs
Create a happy-go-lucky Easter bunny juggling Easter Eggs!
To make this craft project you will need colored paper, scissors, tape or glue, crayons or markers, and a pipecleaner. To begin, using the templates provided below, cut out an Easter Bunny and several Easter eggs. Next decorate the bunny and the eggs with your crayons or markers. Thread the eggs through the pipecleaner and then either tape or glue each end to one of the bunny's hands. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!
Easter Bunny Template
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cool Cone Bunny

Today's Craft: Cool Cone Bunny
To make this craft project you will need bright colored paper, scissors, tape, glue, markers or crayons, and pipecleaners. To begin, bend a piece of colored paper into a cone shape, secure in place with tape, and then trim the bottom of the paper cone with your scissors so it lies flat. This will become your bunny. Next using the templates provided below cut out two bunny ears, a bunny nose, and bunny eyes from colored paper with your scissors. Now glue them onto your cone, creating a cool cone bunny- use the picture as a guide. Let dry. Next take your pipecleaners and cut them into small pieces to resemble bunny whiskers and either glue them onto your bunny or poke them through the cone to secure them in place. Decorate further with markers or crayons. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!
Bunny Template
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cute Bunny Bookmarks

Today's Craft : Cute Bunny Bookmarks
Great bunny bookmarks with floppy ears and cotton tails.
Cut out a basic bookmark shape from a heavier weight white paper with some long bunny ears. Add a bunny face, pipe cleaner whiskers, and cotton balls to decorate your bunny bookmark!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Large Lucky Leprechaun

Today's Craft: Large Lucky Leprechaun
Spring is almost here! Welcome the season with a wonderful Leprechaun! To make your large lucky friend you will need green crepe paper, some green, white, and black construction paper, orange paper shreds or crepe paper, tape, glue, and some scissors. First cut out a white face, black hat, black boots, some small black buttons, and 2 white hands . Next cut 4 lengths of green crepe paper- however long you wish your leprechaun's arms and legs to be. Next take a piece of green construction paper and roll it into a tube shape- this will be the body of the leprechaun. Now attach the crepe paper arms and legs to the top and bottom sides of the tube. Add the hands and boots to the ends of the crepe paper. Decorate the leprechaun face - add fun features, an orange beard, a hat, and whatever else you like. Let it dry and attach it to the body tube. Now decorate the body - add the buttons and mayabe a shamrock or two.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rainbow Hats

Today's Craft : Rainbow Hats
Make a simple and colorful rainbow hat!
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, markers or crayons, tape, glue, and scissors. To begin take a colored piece of paper, bend it into a large cone large enough to sit on your head, and tape it so it holds its form. Next trim the bottom edge of the cone so the hat will rest nicely and evenly on your head. Now you are ready to decorate your hat adding all the colors of the rainbow. Add colors to your hat by bending and gluing color strips around the cone or by coloring it with your markers or crayons. Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh

Today's Craft : St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh
Make your own Shillelagh this St. Patrick's Day.
To make this craft project you will need foil, tape, glue, scissors, and brown or green tissue paper. To begin, take your foil, bend and mash it into the form of a Shillelagh- use the picture as a guide. Next take your tissue paper and cover the foil- use either brown or green depending on what color you want your Shillelagh to be. Decorate it further with St. Patrick's Day symbols if you wish. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy Crafting!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Today's Craft : Baa Baa Black Sheep
Make this adorable black sheep from your handprint!
To make this craft you will need black and white paper, cotton balls, scissors, glue, a large piece of colored construction paper and your hands. Take your hand and place it on a piece of black paper. Keep your three middle fingers together and extend your thumb and pinky out to the side. Trace your hand print and then cut it out. This will be your black sheep's face. Next cut a body for your black sheep. Cut out a large and wide oval from the black construction paper and two rectangular legs. Now let's assemble your black sheep. Take all your black pieces and glue them to a colorful background piece of construction paper. Now decorate! Add white cotton to the ears of your black sheep(your thumb and pinky)and give him a full white cotton ball coat. Next add white paper eyes to the face. Enjoy Crafting!

Handprint Shamrock

Today's Craft: Handprint Shamrock
Create a cool St. Patrick's Day shamrock using your handprints.
To make this craft project you will need a background piece of paper, glue, markers or crayons, and either green constrcution paper, a pencil and scissors, or green fingerpaint. To begin, either trace your hands three times on green paper, cut them out, and glue them onto your background piece of paper in the shape of a shamrock- or coat your palms in green fingerpaint and press your hands on your paper to create three prints creating a shamrock. Let dry. Add a stem with your crayons or markers. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy Crafting!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fruit Loop Rainbows

Today's Craft : Fruit Loop Rainbows
To make this craft project you will need lots of fruit loops, glue, construction paper, and scissors. To begin using the template provided below and your scissors, cut out a simple rainbow shape. Glue this shape to a background piece of paper. Now take your fruit loops, separate them into different colors, and then glue them onto the rainbow creating beautiful arcs of color. Let dry. Enjoy Crafting!
Rainbow Template
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Leprechaun's Golden Bookmark

Today's Craft: Leprechaun's Golden Bookmark
Create a Rainbow bookmark leading you to a pot of Leprechaun's gold to help you hold your place! To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, crayons, cotton balls, and other materials to decorate your Lerpechaun's Golden bookmark. To begin cut out a long narrow rectangular with an end that curves to the right. This will be the base for your rainbow bookmark. Next take your crayons and color rainbow stripes on the rectangle you just cut out- transforming it into a beautiful rainbow. Next glue on a number of cotton balls at the end of the bookmark which curves to make a cute cloud. Now cut a small black pot from black construction and glue that to the other end of your bookmark. Also cut out small yellow circles from yellow construction paper. Add these to the pot as Leprechaun's Gold. Let your creation dry and use it to hold your place or give it to someone special. Enjoy Crafting!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Green Pepper Shamrock Printing

Today's Craft: Green Pepper Shamrock Printing
Create some cool green shamrocks using green pepper and paint.
To make this craft project you will need a green pepper, an adult to slice it in half for your, and piece of paper on which to create your printed shamrock, markers or crayons, and some green paint. To begin, have an adult cut your green paper in half. Next cover the edges and bottom of the pepper half with green paint and then press it onto your piece of paper. Make three impressions to create a nice shamrock or four to create a four leaf clover. Draw a stem with your crayons or markers. Let dry. Enjoy Crafting!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Cool Bunny

Today's Craft: Big Cool Bunny
Create a great bunny using a large paper plate and a small paper plate.
To make this craft project you will need a large paper plate, a small paper plate, colored paper, a cotton ball, scissors, glue, tape, and paints, markers, or crayons. To begin, cut out bunny ears, eyes, and a bunny nose using the templates provided below. Next attach your small paper plate (your bunny's head) to your large paper plate (your bunny's body) using either glue or tape. Next paint or color your bunny and glue on the bunny's eyes, ears, and nose. Let dry. Add whiskers and decorate further. Enjoy Crafting!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

King of the Jungle Puppet

King of the Jungle Puppets!
March comes in like a Lion...
Create a lovable lion which will inspire you to roar!
To make this craft project you will need a paper bag, colored construction paper- yellow and orange, glue, scissors, and crayons or markers. To begin, take your scissors and colored construction paper and cut out strips of paper about an inch or and inch and a half wide. The wider you make your strips, the larger and more bushy you lion's mane will be. Trim the length of those strip so they will be the same size as the four edges of the bottom of your paper bag. Now fringe your strips by cutting into them making vertical slits along the entire length of the strip- be sure not to cut all the way through. Next curl the individual pieces which you created by rolling the vertical strips around a pencil or pen and releasing. Now you are ready to assemble your lovable lion. Take your paper bag and flip it over so the bottom of the bag is facing up. This will be the face of Lion. Glue on the strips you have created and curled using the picture as a guide. Let the pieces dry and then decorate further with crayons and markers- adding a nose, whiskers, and eyes. Enjoy Crafting!