Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spooky Shadow Lights

Today's Craft: Spooky Shadow Lights
Halloween is coming soon- create some spooky, flickering lights for this haunting evening!
To make some spooky jars that will light up the night you will need: glass jars of any size and shape and some brightly colored tissue paper. You will also need some small flat candles and an adult to ask to help you light them when it is time. To create your jars, first decide what type of design you would like to make and then select your paper. If you want to make pumpkin faces, first cover your jar with bright yellow tissue paper. Then take orange tissue and cut out a scary face and wrap it around and over the yellow so a face is peering out at you. Or just create a spooky Halloween design on your jar by wrapping it in white tissue paper and adding a variety of pre-cut Halloween shapes to it- add blacks, spiders, stars, and more.
Enjoy Crafting!

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