Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tow Trucks

Today's Craft : Tow Trucks
If you ever break down, now you'll have the perfect tow truck.

Cut out a great tow truck and wheels for it using the patterns provided. Attach the wheels to your truck with brass fasteners so they will spin. Next cut a small piece of ribbon and attach a paper clip to the end of it. Attach the ribbon piece to your tow truck to create your towing mechanism. Decorate your tow truck with crayons, paper shapes, and more materials from your toolbox. If you have time create a broken down car for you to tow behind your tow truck. Cut a car out from colored construction paper, decorate it with crayons and other materials, and punch a hole through the front or back bumper. Hook up your car to the tow truck with the paper clip and you are ready to go! Enjoy Crafting!

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