Monday, April 09, 2007

Large Lady Bugs

Today's Craft : Large Lady Bugs
Transform a paper bowl into a large and lucky Lady Bug!

To make this craft project you will need a red paper bowl (or you could paint a paper bowl red), black construction paper, scissors, glue, black pipe cleaners, white paper, and some brass fasteners (if you want the wings to move).

To begin take a piece of black construction paper and cut out a large circle. Now cut the circle in half- these halves will be the wings for your lady bug. Next take the bowl and flip it over- this will be your lady bug's body. Attach the wings with brass fasteners to the top of the bowl so they swing back and forth or simply glue them in place.

Next cut out a number of black circles and add these with glue to the lady bug. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and add antennae to the top to the lady bug's head and pipe cleaner legs to the sides of the body.

Next cut out two large white circles and glue smaller black circles onto to them for eyes and add them to the ladybug's head.

Let your lady bug dry and place it somewhere special! Enjoy Crafting!
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