Friday, April 27, 2007

Colorful and Bright Balloon Pictures

Today's Craft: Colorful and Bright Balloon Pictures
Do you like balloons? What is your favorite color? How many balloons do you think you could carry without floating up into the sky?

To make this craft project you will need colored pom-poms, glue, pipe cleaners, crayons, scissors, colored construction paper, and tape. To begin, first select a colorful background piece of construction paper on which to create your beautiful balloon picture. Choose whatever color you want! Next select several different colored pipe cleaners and trim them with your scissors so they are different lengths. These pipe cleaners will become the strings for your balloons. Next tape or glue the pipe cleaner balloon strings to the background piece of colored construction paper you selected. Arrange them all over the page in bunches. These bunches will become balloon bouquets. Now take your colored pom-poms and glue one at the end of each balloon string. Use as many different colores as you want! Let them dry. Add further decoration with crayons and other materials if you wish. Enjoy Crafting!

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