Sunday, April 08, 2007

Popcorn Apple Blossom Pictures

Today's Craft : Popcorn Apple Blossom Pictures
Apple trees are beautiful during all the seasons of the year!

Create your own blossoming apple tree picture. You will need: popped popcorn, blue construction paper, brown, and green construction paper (or paint or crayons and markers), and some glue. You can make this craft several different ways- using paint, construction paper, or crayons and markers to create your tree branches and leaves. Take your piece of blue construction paper and add a large tree branch going across the page in whichever medium you choose (brown paper cut into strips, brown paint, or crayon). Next add green leaves to the ends of the branches. Now you are ready to add your popcorn. Glue on pieces of fluffy popcorn around the green leaves to create apple blossoms.
Hang your creation up somewhere special when it dries! Enjoy Crafting!
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