Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cute Brown Bunny

Today's Craft : Cute Brown Bunny
Create a great brown paper bag bunny!

To make this craft project, you will need a small brown paper bag, an old newspaper, cotton balls, colored construction paper, scissors, glue, pipecleaners, tape, and markers or crayons. To begin, open up the paper bag and stuff it with old newspaper until it is a solid rectangle. Tape the open end shut so it is a flat even surface. This will be your bunny's body. Next, using the templates provided below, cut out bunny ears, eyes, a bunny nose, and legs. Glue these onto your bunny. Next take your pipecleaners, cut them into smaller pieces, and glue or tape them onto your bunny to create bunny whiskers- use the picture as a guide. Add a cotton ball tail to the back of bunny. Let dry. Decorate further with markers or crayons.
Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!

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