Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Flower Hat

Today's Craft:
Spring Flower Hat

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need green construction paper, pipecleaners, scissors, tape and glue, markers or crayons, and colored construction paper.

To begin cut a wide green strip from your green construction paper which will more than wrap around your head and fringe the top of the strip to look like grass.

Next take your scissors and pipecleaners and cut a variety of lengths of pipecleaner to use as flower stems. Now cut out paper flower shapes and attach them to the end of the pipecleaners. Next attach these flowers to the inside of green strip with tape.

Add paper flower shapes to the band as well. Now let dry and then tape the green strip into a circular shape which you can wear.

Happy Spring! Enjoy Crafting!
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