Monday, March 08, 2010

An Inviting Easter Envelope

Today's Craft: An Inviting Easter Envelope

Craft Project Directions:
To make this project you will need an envelope, a pipe cleaner, and some yellow, orange, and other colored crayons.

First turn your envelope over and fold up the flap. Draw two eyes at the top of the point and a beak for your bird just below. Next draw in the outline of wings along the envelope creases.

Now take your pipe cleaner and bend it into a V. Trim about an inch piece off the end of each V and wind the pieces around the ends to create three-pointed chicken feet.

Tape the top bend of the V on the bottom of the other side of the envelope to create feet for your bird. Now you are ready to decorate your bird- color him yellow, add orange to the beak, big bright eyes- even real feathers if you want.

Now take a small piece of white paper that will fit in the envelope and write a little note or greeting to send to someone special.

Enjoy Crafting!
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