Thursday, December 14, 2006

Super Simple Christmas Reindeer

Today's Craft:
Super Simple Christmas Reindeer
To make this craft project you will need brown construction paper, brown pipecleaners,
tape, markers, scissors, and a piece of colorful ribbon or string. To begin take a piece of brown construction paper, roll it into a tube and tape it so it holds its shape. Next take your scissors and cut two arcs out of the bottom (one in the front and one in the back) to create your reindeer's legs- use the picture as a guide. Next take your brown pipecleaners and cut them into small pieces and twist them together to create antlers. Poke them through the top sides of your paper tube to add them to your reindeer. Now decorate your reindeer with your markers- add a shiny red nose, eyes, hooves, and more. Lastly, tie a holiday ribbon around your reindeer's neck. Merry Christmas! Enjoy Crafting!

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