Thursday, December 21, 2006

'Glass' Christmas Ornaments

Today's Craft: 'Glass' Christmas Ornaments
To make this craft project you will need clear plastic lids (like the kind you get with a soda in a cup), colored tissue paper, glue, a paint brush, a piece of ribbon, water, and some scissors. To begin, make sure you lid is clean and dry. Next poke a small hole in the lid near an edge, thread a piece of ribbon through it and make a loop, so you'll be able to hang up your onrmanet when its ready. Tear or cut the tissue paper you have into small pieces. Mix together the glue and water together in a bowl or container in equal parts. Cover that your lid with your glue/water mixture- just brush it on. Take pieces of your tissue paper and stick them on the lid- overlap the shapes and colors to create new shapes and colors. Once you are finished putting tissue paper pieces on the lid, apply another coat of glue/water over your design. Let it all dry and hang it up. Merry Christmas! Enjoy Crafting!
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