Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cool Snowman Hat

Today's Craft: Cool Snowman Hat
Make a snowman for your head this winter!
To make this craft project you will need cotton balls, glue, tape, scissors, large white construction paper, red crepe paper, orange and black paper, markers, and white tissue paper. To begin take a piece of white paper, bend it into a cone shape -leaving a large opening in the top, and tape it so it holds its shape. Next take your scissors and trim the bottom edges so they are smooth, level, and even. This is your basic hat. Next take some tissue paper, crumble it into a ball, cover it with another piece of tissue paper so it is smooth, and tape it. Insert the ball in the top of cone so it rests on top forming your snowman's head and glue or tape it in place. Now you are ready to decorate your snowman. Cut a length of red crepe paper and wrap it around your snowman for a scarf. Next add black construction paper eyes, buttons, and smile. Add an orange carrot nose. Let dry and wear with style. Enjoy Crafting!

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