Sunday, March 06, 2011

Leprechaun Trap : Green Jello Surprise

Today's Craft:
Leprechaun Trap : Green Jello Surprise
Sometimes the simplest trap works the best - here's a classic Leprechaun trap!
Craft Project Directions:
To make this project you will need a small box, green and yellow construction paper, foil, glue, tape, scissors, a markers or crayons, green jello, a plastic container for the jello that fits in the box, green tissue, and small gold coins or something else small and sparkling.
To begin take your box and cover the outside with green paper. Next cut out tiny shamrocks and gold coins from your construction paper and jewel shapes from your foil and glue them on the outside of the box to decorate it.
Make the green jello with an adult's help - be sure to put something gold or sparkling in the bottom of the jello container- this will attract your leprechaun and when he tries to reach for it he will fall and sink in the jello and be trapped.
Now flip your box over and decide where you want to place your trap. Once you have the perfect location, place the jello container there. Pack the area around the jello with green tissue so it looks level and the leprechaun can easily walk across it. Around the jello pit, place objects to entice the leprechaun - a small cup filled with lucky charms, a tiny chair, etc.
Good Luck! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy Crafting!

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