Sunday, March 13, 2011

Large Lucky Leprechaun

Today's Craft:
Large Lucky Leprechaun

Spring is almost here! Create a Large Lucky Leprechaun to welcome it and help you celebrate St. Patricks Day!

Craft Project Directions:
Spring is almost here! Welcome the season with a wonderful Leprechaun! To make your large lucky friend you will need green crepe paper, some green, white, and black construction paper, orange paper shreds or crepe paper, tape, glue, and some scissors.

First cut out a white face, black hat, black boots, some small black buttons, and 2 white hands . Next cut 4 lengths of green crepe paper- however long you wish your leprechaun's arms and legs to be.

Next take a piece of green construction paper and roll it into a tube shape- this will be the body of the leprechaun.

Now attach the crepe paper arms and legs to the top and bottom sides of the tube. Add the hands and boots to the ends of the crepe paper. Decorate the leprechaun face - add fun features, an orange beard, a hat, and whatever else you like.

Let it dry and attach it to the body tube. Now decorate the body - add the buttons and maybe a shamrock or two.

Enjoy Crafting! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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