Friday, March 04, 2011

Large Eye-Catching Balloon Masks

Today's Craft:
Large Eye-Catching Balloon Masks

Create a Larger than Life Balloon Mask!

Craft Project Directions:
To create this craft project you will need a large balloon, colored construction paper, tape, glue, pipe cleaners, scissors, markers, and feathers.

To begin inflate your balloon and set it aside. Be sure to select a color you like for it will be the dominant color of your mask.

Next take several pieces of colorful construction paper and tape them together to form a large tube. This is the base of your mask. Slip it over your head to make sure it fits.

Cut eye holes through the side of the paper tube so you will be able to see out.

Now rest the large balloon you inflated on top of the paper mask and tape it in place.

Now you are ready to decorate your mask! Create a spectacular face on the balloon.

Add large eyes, pipe cleaner and paper shred hair, feathers, and more! Add designs and outlandish colors to the neck (paper tube) and let your mask dry. Now wear it in style!

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