Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonderful Easy to Make Witches

Today's Craft:
Wonderful Easy to Make Witches

Craft Project Directions:
To make this witch you will need black, green or white construction paper, paper shreds, a pipe cleaner, and scissors.

First using the templates provided or your own imagination cut out a basic witch shape. Cut two slits in the arms on the dotted lines.

Next cut out a witch face. Now you are ready to decorate your witch. Add the face, add paper shred hair, use crayons to add further details, add glitter for that extra sparkle, and anything else you want.

Let your witch dry. Now bend the skirt of the witch back taping one tab to another so your witch will stand up.

Curl the arms in front of the witch and fit the tabs together. Now take a pipe cleaner, bend it and add paper shreds to one of the ends to create a witch's broom.

Fit that into the hands of your witch and she is ready for a spooky Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Enjoy Crafting!
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