Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paper Bag Monster Mask

Today's Craft:
Paper Bag Monster Mask

Craft Project Directions:
To make a Paper Bag Monster Mask you will need a grocery bag, an egg carton, scissors, tape, glue, some colored plastic bags, and markers or crayons.

To begin, place the bag over your head, feel where your eyes are and mark these spots ~ be sure to have an adult help you with this part!

Now remove the bag and cut nostril holes where your eyes will be. Next take your scissors and cut out two eyeballs (egg cup eyes) from your egg carton using your scissors. Use your markers or crayons to transform them into scary monster eyeballs. When they are decorated, glue them onto the bag.

Next draw a scary monster mouth on the bag and add other scary monster facial features with your crayons and markers.

Now you are ready to make your monster's hair ~ take your colored plastic bags and cut them into long shreds. Tape the plastic shreds all over the paper bag to create cool monster hair.

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