Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sweet Apple Bookmarks

Today's Craft:
Sweet Apple Bookmarks

To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, crayons,a colorful pipe cleaner, a colorful pom-pom, glue and other materials to decorate your beautiful AppleBookmark.

To begin select a colorful pipe cleaner. This will become your cute Book Worm. Bend one end of itinto a tear drop shape and set it aside.Next take a piece of red construction paper and cut out three or four small red apple shapes.You could also cut out yellow or green apples. You decide!

Now cut out small green oval or diamond shaped leaves for the tops of your apples. glue or tape
them on to the tops of the apples. Decorate the apples more with crayon if you want. Now thread the pipe cleaner Book Worm through the apples so the curved tear drop part ends up on top.Next cover the curved tear drop part with glue. Select a colored pom-pom for the head of your Book Worm and press it into the glued pipe cleaner. Let your bookmark dry and then put it to work!
Enjoy Crafting!
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