Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lovely Leaf Print Projects

Today's Craft:
Lovely Leaf Print Projects

Craft Project Directions:
Do you love Fall? Save a bit of season when you make some spectacular leaf creations you can use throughout the year. You can make wonderful leaf prints and decorate all sorts of things: apple picking bags, t-shirts, wrapping paper, cards, and more!

To make your leaf print creation, you will need leaf stamps, fall colors: brown, green, and red paint (fabric paint to use on fabric), newspaper, a paintbrush, and the item you want to decorate.

Lay out newspaper for a work space for your self. Next take some newspaper and place it inside your bag or t-shirt if that is what you are making so your prints won't seep through to the other side. Take the brown paint and paint a tree stem and some branches. Let them dry.

Now you are ready to add the leaves. Cover your leaf stamp with red paint and then with other fall colors. Press it on your picture adding leaves all over your tree. Let it dry and you will have a special leaf creation.

Enjoy Crafting!
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