Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Collecting Leaves

Today's Craft:
Collecting Leaves

Craft Project Directions:
Collecting is fun. One thing that is particularly fun to collect is leaves. Leaves come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are 1000s of different kinds of trees with leaves to collect.

You can start you collection by taking two leaves from each tree in your yard or neighborhood. If you have two leaves, you can display both the front and back side of a particular type of leaf.

When you go leaf collecting, take a book or magazine with you and insert the leaves into the pages so they don't bend and curl up.

When you get home, you will want to press your leaves. To do this you will need newspaper, paper, and heavy books. Take one leaf, place it on a piece of paper, put another piece of paper over it, put a couple piece of newspaper over them. Continue this process until you have covered all your leaves and then put your heavy books on top of it all.

Leave it alone for about a week. Then unwrap the leaves and mount them on colored paper with glue or tape and label them.

You can get a guide book to leaves and trees at your local public library to help you. You can also make all sorts of neat crafts with leaves. For ideas, Click Here.
Enjoy Crafting!

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