Sunday, January 14, 2007

Valentine Mailbox : Pink Poodle

Today's Craft : Valentine Mailbox : Pink Poodle
Create a fabulous pink poodle Valentine mailbox for your Valentines!
To make this craft project you will need a box, pink construction paper and/or pink wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, tape, glue, scissors, cotton balls (white or pink), 4 small paper cups, and markers. To begin wrap your box in pink paper - this will be your poodle's body. Attach 4 cups (with the open side facing down) to the bottom corners of the box to create poodle legs. Cut a slit large enough for Valentines to slip through in the top of the box. Next cut two large pink hearts - one slightly larger than the other. One heart will be the tail and one with form the poodle's head. Use the picture as a guide. Attach each to a pipecleaner and cover with cotton balls before attaching them with tape to either end of the box. Add small hearts for eyes on the poddle's head. Now you are ready to add cotton balls to the poodle's body, along with hearts, to finish off the box. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy Crafting!
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