Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bold Bottle People

Today's Craft: Bold Bottle People
Make neat characters from old bottles!
To make an interesting collection of bottle people, you will need a number of old empty bottles - any shape or size - ping-pong balls, glue, string or paper shreds, tissue paper or pieces of cloth, construction paper, scissors, paints, and a paint brush. To begin, wash out your old bottles completely and let them dry. Next take a bottle and ping-pong ball and glue the ball to the top of your bottle. Next take your string or paper shreds and cut, trim, and glue either to the ping-pong ball to create hair. Next take your tissue paper or cloth and wrap pieces of it around the bottle to create colorful clothing. Add arms cut out of construction paper to your bottle as well (you could also use pipecleaners to create bendable arms). Now paint the ping-pong ball to create facial features and add other details as you wish. Enjoy Crafting!

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