Thursday, January 11, 2007

Valentine Candy Heart Wreath

Today's Craft: Candy Heart Wreath
Make a beautiful Valentine's Day Wreath using a paper plate.
To make this craft project you will need a paper plate, glue, a pipecleaner, tape, scissors, markers, and either colored paper or real candy hearts. To begin take your paper plate and cut out the center to create a wreath shape. Next take your pipecleaner and cut off a small section, bend it into a U and tape it to the back of the wreath shape you just created to create a hanger for your wreath. Now you can either cover the front of your wreath with glue and real candy hearts or glue and paper hearts to which you will add messages with your markers. You decide. When you are finished, let your wreath dry and hang someplace special. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy Crafting!
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