Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Terrific Turkeys for Your Table

Today's Craft: Terrific Turkeys for Your Table
A easy and fun way to decorate your Thanksgiving table!
To make this project you will need a pinecone for each person at the table, pipecleaners of all colors, scissors, and mailing labels. First clean the pine cones and then take the pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Make a loop and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to make feathers for your turkey. Use all different colors. Insert them into the pine cone turkey. Twist a brown or black pipecleaner for the head and neck and secure it in the front of the pine cone. Next take a mailing label and write the name of a guest on it. Now take a pipe cleaner and stick the label you wrote the name on to another mailing label keeping the pipe cleaner in between. Place the guest's name on the turkey. Place around the table when you are ready and you will have some fun table decorations for your feast!

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