Sunday, November 05, 2006

American Indian Peace Pipe

Today's Craft: American Indian Peace Pipe
To create this craft project you will need a dixie cup, two craft sticks, a pipe cleaner, colored construction paper, colorful ribbon, scissors, feathers, crayons, tape, and glue. To begin take the two craft sticks and tape them together end to end to create the stem of your American Indian Peace pipe. Select colored craft sticks to make a more colorful craft. Next cut a slit just above the bottom rim of the dixie cup on one side of the cup. Insert the long craft stick you just made through the hole and tape in place. Now you have a basic Peace Pipe! Cover the dixie cup with colored tissue paper or simply color it with crayons and markers. Now decorate your American IndianPeace Pipe! Twist a colorful pipe cleaner up the stem of the pipe, feathers, add colors with crayon and markers, and more. Take some feathers and attach them to a ribbon and tie that to the pipe so it dangles from it. Enjoy Crafting!

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