Saturday, November 18, 2006

Delightful Dangling Dreidel Mobile

Today's Craft: Delightful Dangling Dreidel Mobile
Create a delightful dangling dreidel mobile using a heavy weight blue paper and ribbon.
To make this craft project you will need a couple of sheets of heavier weight blue paper, scissors, glue, a hole puncher, ribbon, crayons or markers, and glitter. To begin, using the templates provided below, cut out a large dreidel frame and four small dreidels from your heavier weight blue paper. Next take your hole puncher and punch four holes across the top of the large dreidel frame and one hole in the top of each of the dreidels. Next decorate your dreidels using your markers or crayons, and glue and glue. Let dry. Next cut out four small lengths of ribbon- attach one end to the top of the small dreidel and the other end to the dreidel frame- use the picture as a guide. Repeat until all four small dreidels are dangling within the larger dreidel. Now cut a long piece of ribbon and attach it to the top of the large dreidel frame so you can hang it up someplace special. Happy Hanukkah! Enjoy Crafting!

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