Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Mailbox : Fabulous Flamingo

Today's Craft:
Valentine Mailbox : Fabulous Flamingo

Create a fabulous pink Flamingo Valentine mailbox this year for Valentine's Day.

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need a box, pink wrapping paper, pink and red construction paper, pink pipecleaners, scissors, markers, glue, tape, and pink crepe paper (optional).

To begin take your box and wrap it in pink. Cut a slit in the top large enough to slip Valentines through.

Next using the template provide cut out a flamingo neck and head from your pink construction paper.

To make it bendable and not flop over, thread it with pink cleaners and tape the end to your box to complete the flamingo. Color in the beak black with your markers.

Now decorate the flamingo further with pink crepe strips to create a feathery look, small red hearts, and more - use your imagination.

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy Crafting!
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