Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dynamic Dangling Heart Mobile

Today's Craft:
Dynamic Dangling Heart Mobile

Hearts all a flutter...

Craft Project Directions:
To create a Dynamic Dangling Heart Mobile, you will need red construction paper, a piece of ribbon, a paper plate (red or white), glue, scissors, and crayons or markers.

To begin take a paper plate and cut it as an inward spiral.

Next take your red construction paper and cut a large red heart and a large number of smaller red hearts.

Next take your piece of ribbon and attach the ribbon to one end of the spiral.

Attach the very large heart to the other end.

Now glue on small hearts along the spiral and decorate the paper plate with crayons or markers.

Let dry and then use the ribbon to hang your mobile up.

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy Crafting!
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