Monday, May 14, 2007

Really Funny Rooster

Today's Craft : Really Funny Rooster
Do you wake up easily? Have you ever slept on a farm and been woken up by a rooster in the morning? Would you like to make a rooster of your own?

To make this craft project you will need a styrofoam cup, white tissue paper, tape, red construction paper, yellow construction paper, white paper, scissors, a dixie cup, yellow pipe cleaners, glue, and crayons.To begin, take your tissue paper and cut or tear it into small rectangluar pieces. These will be your rooster's feathers. Flip your cup upside down and glue them onto the cup. Layer them to give the rooster's body a feathered look. Set aside and let your rooster's body dry. Attach the dixie cup to the top of the styrofoam cup. This will be your rooster's head.Next cut out some rooster features. You can use your own imagination or the templates provided at the address below. Cut the rooster's comb and other features from red construction paper. Take a piece of white paper and cut out some cute rooster eyes. Also take a piece of yellow construction paper and cut out a small yellow triangle for your rooster's beak.Next take your yellow pipe cleaners. Cut one of them in half and poke each piece through the lower part of the rooster's body in the front. These will become your rooster's legs. Take another pipe cleaner and cut small pipe cleaner pieces to wrap on the rooster's legs to create rooster feet. Use the picture as a guide. Now let's assemble your rooster! Tape or glue the rooster's features to the dixie cup- use the picture as a guide.Now decorate your rooster further with crayons. Add more features and decorations, maybe even a cute rooster name.

Enjoy Crafting!

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