Saturday, May 12, 2007

Craft Stick Chalkboard

Today's Craft : Craft Stick Chalkboard
To make this craft project you will need craft sticks, glue, scissors, chalkboard paper, and tape. Additionally if you wish to decorate the frame of the chalkboard further, you will need paint or markers. To start take four groupings of two craft sticks each and glue them lengthwise to create 4 craft stick sections. These with be the frame for your chalkboard. Let them dry. Next take you chlakboard paper and cut a rectangle or square piece which will fit within the length and width of your frame. Glue the ends of it to two separate craft stick sections. Next glue the remaining two craft stick sections on top of the other two sections- use the picture as a guide. Let it dry and then flip the frame over. Cover the back of the frame with craft sticks by gluing them in place one next to the other. Now let your chalkboard dry and decorate it further if you wish. Enjoying Crafting!

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