Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Spiders Spinning Webs

Scary spiders with webs!

Craft Project Directions:
Take a white paper plate and set it aside. Next take a piece of black construction paper and cut thin black lines from it.

Lay the lines over the paper plate crisscrossing them to create a scary spider web. Trim off the paper strips that hang over the edges of the plate.

Next create a spider following the directions below and attach him with a ribbon or string to your web. For your spider, take four black pipe cleaners and attach them at the center, bend each to make 4 scary looking spider legs, and bend the ends to create spider feet.

Take a piece of black tissue paper and fill it with cotton balls and tape it shut to create a black spider body. Rest and tape the body onto the legs and then add eyeballs, fangs, and other scary spider attributes.

Attach paper clip and tie on a string or secure a pipe cleaner and you have got a dangling spider.

Happy Halloween!

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