Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sand Dried Flowers

Today's Craft:
Sand Dried Flowers

A great and easy way to preserve flowers!

Craft Project Directions:
To make sand dried flowers you will need a cardboard box, sand, scissors, freshly picked flowers, drinking straws, pipecleaners, green construction paper, and white glue.

To begin, fill your box halfway full of sand. Next cut away most of the stem from each flower. The remaining stem should be as long as your middle finger. Now, push the stem of each flower into the sand, and then sprinkle a thin layer of sand over the flowers. Make sure to cover them completely. Place the box in a dry place and let the flowers dry for two weeks. When the flowers have dried, carefully tilt the box and pour the sand on top out. Carefully lift out the flowers.
Now you can use drinking straws for stems for your flowers(or purchase green floral wooden sticks), just carefully attach the flowers to the stems with pipecleaners. Cut out leaves from your green construction paper and glue them onto the stems. 

Enjoy Crafting!

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