Friday, February 04, 2011

Valentine Mailbox : Sweet Stegosaurus

Today's Craft:
Valentine Mailbox : Sweet Stegosaurus

A dashing dinosaur Valentine mailbox to collect all your sweet Valentines.

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need a box, green wrapping paper, 4 small paper cups, scissors, red, green, and pink construction paper, tape, and glue.

To begin wrap your box in green paper and cut a slit in the top large enough to slip Valentines through.

Next take the 4 paper cups and attach them to the bottom corners of the box, with the open side down, to create your stegosaurus's legs.

Now using the templates as a guide cut out your stegosaurus's neck, head, and tail. Fold the very ends of these parts to create tabs and tape them to box. If they are flopping over thread them with pipecleaners to make them more sturdy and bendable.

Now cut out lots of red and pink paper hearts to decorate your box and to create your dinosaur's scales. Decorate further with markers.

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy Crafting!
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