Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Illustrated Book Covers

Today's Craft: Illustrated Book Covers

Craft Project Directions:
To create some great book covers for your books you will need some grocery bags or large piece of heavier weight paper.

If you chose the grocery bag cut it open on one side and cut off the bottom, so that you can lay the bag out flat.

Next select a book you want to make a cover for and trim the paper you have chosen so that it is about an inch bigger than the book along the top and about three inches wider than the book along the sides.

Fold down the top and bottom of the paper so that the cover is the same size as the book, and fold back the sides so that they overlap the inside covers of the book and will fold the cover you are making in place.

Now that the cover has been fitted, flip it over and decorate it with crayons, paper shapes, stickers, glitter, and other materials. Let it dry and then place it around your book!

Enjoy Crafting!
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