Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crawling Crabs with Claws

Today's Craft:
Crawling Crabs with Claws

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need brass fasteners, colored construction paper, glue, tape, colored cotton balls, crayons, and scissors.

Your crab will be made up of several different pieces.

First let's make the crab's body. Select a piece of colored construction paper. The color you choose will become the dominant color of your crab. Fold it in half and cut an oval leaving the fold intact.

Next cut out two big crab claws. You can use the templates listed at the address below or your own imagination. Attach the two crab claws with brass fasteners to the bottom of the crab body you just cut out.

Next cut out little crab legs to go out from the sides of the crab body and tape or glue them in place. Now you are ready to decorate your crawling crab. Add eyes with paper, crayons, or even colored cotton balls and decorate the crab's shell.

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