Monday, August 10, 2009

Craft Stick Water Skier

Craft Stick Water Skier

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need pipe cleaners, craft sticks, tape, and a long length of ribbon or string.

To begin take two craft sticks and tape them together, one next to the other lengthwise. Now repeat that process again with another two craft sticks. Set aside. These will become your waterskier's waterskis.

Next take a pipe cleaner, any color, and twist the middle into a loop- this will be your waterskier's head. Wrap the pipe cleaner ends over each other a couple times to create a braided middle under the loop and then separate the ends to form two legs of a triangle. These ends will be your skier's legs. Bend the very end of these up to create feet.

Now take your skis and tape your skier's feet down- one to each ski. Next take another pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Twist one half around the middle of your skier's body- leaving the two ends sticking out to form arms.

Next take a toothpick and tape the pipe cleaner arms to it, so your skier is now holding a handle. Attach a long length of string or ribbon to the handle and your waterski is ready to go skiing!

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