Monday, May 04, 2009

Magic Genie Puppet

Today's Craft: Magic Genie Puppet

To make this craft project you will need a paper bag (lunch size), scissors, glue, tape, colored construction paper, and crayons.

You could also use additional materials to decorate your Great and Magical Genie paper bag puppet if you wish.

To begin, you will create your Genie's face on the paper bag's bottom and the back side of the paper bag.

In order to create your Genie's face and wild hat, you will need to cut out several pieces from your colored construction paper.

You can create your genie using your own imagination or you can use the templates at the addresses given below.

To begin select the colored papers you want to use to create your genie. Select as many colors as you want.

First cut out the genie's face, eyes, eyebrows, and beard from your colored paper.

Next cut out the genie hat and hat decorations.

Next tape or glue the genie's face onto the bottom of the bag.

Now add the beard to the face with glue or tape.

Next assemble the hat with its decorations and attach it on the Genie's head.

Now glue or tape on the eyes and eyebrows.

Decorate your Genie further with crayons and other materials.

Add colorful jewels to his hat, expression to his eyes, a fantastic mouth, and more!

Add hands and arms to the sides of the bag if you wish.

Use the picture for a guide or just use your own imagination!

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