Friday, March 06, 2009

Leprechaun Masks

(Look at Finished Mask)
Todays' Craft: Leprechaun Masks
Have you ever wanted to be a leprechaun? Here's your chance!

Craft Project Directions: Let's make a Leprechaun mask. You will need a paper plate, some craft sticks to make a handle to hold your mask, some orange paper shreds or orange crepe paper, and some colored construction paper to make a hat for the leprechaun. First cut out eye holes and a mouth from the paper plate to make a face that you can see through. Tape two craft sticks together and tape the stick to the side of the mask to make a handle to hold up your mask. Cut out a leprechaun hat from colored construction paper to attach to the top of the mask, using the template provided or your own imagination. Now you are ready to decorate your mask! Add fun facial features, orange hair and a beard, shamrocks and a gold buckle to the hat and let your mask dry. Enjoy Crafting!

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