Saturday, December 13, 2008

Candy Cane Rudolph Ornament

Today's Craft: Candy Cane Rudolph Ornament

Craft Project Directions: To make this ornament you will need two candy canes, 2 pipe cleaner, a piece of ribbon, and some construction paper. First create a heart shape with the two candy canes- placing the bended ends together. Tape them in place. This is the head of your reindeer. Next take a pipe cleaner and cut it into 2 and 3 inch lengths. Now take another pipe cleaner and bend it into a V. Twist the smaller pieces of pipe cleaner you cut before around the pipe cleaner V you made to make reindeer antlers. When you are finished making your antlers, tape or twist them around the corners of your candy cane reindeer head. Now decorate your reindeer's face by adding a red construction paper ball (or use a red hershey's kiss) to the V at the base of the candy canes for a bright shining nose and glue construction paper eyes (or googly eyes) on either side. Loop a piece of ribbon through the top of the heart and hang on your tree.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy Crafting!

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