Friday, November 21, 2008

Sailing Mayflower Craft

Today's Craft: Sailing Mayflower

Set sail with the pilgrims!

Craft Project Directions:Cut out a boat and sails using the templates provided. Select a blue background piece of paper, and gather up a few craft stick to use as a mast. Cut an anchor out of paper using the template provided and attach it to a small piece of string or ribbon to add to your boat. Paste or tape down your boat, mast, sails, and anchor to the blue paper creating a Mayflower. Add in waves, seagulls, pilgrim figures if you want. To make simple pilgrims, tape or glue black hats onto small craft sticks, add faces to them, and slip them inside the boat.
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Crafting!

Mayflower Templates
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