Monday, March 26, 2007

Cool Carrot Treat Bags

Today's Craft : Cool Carrot Treat Bags
Fill a cone carrot with all sorts of fun Easter treats and candy!
To make this craft project you will need orange construction paper, tape, glue, green tissue paper, 2 green pipe cleaners, scissors, and fun treat to fill up your cool carrot. To begin take your piece of orange construction paper, bend it into a cone, and secure its shape with tape. Next take your two pipecleaners and weave them together- they will become the handle for your carrot. Attach one end to each side of the top of the carrot. Next take your green tissue paper and cut out two or three large leafy shapes and attach them to the top of your cone so they drape over the outside- this is your carrot's leafy top. Now you are ready to fill up your carrot with all sorts of treats. Happy Easter! Enjoy Crafting!
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