Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chinese Pagoda

Today's Craft: Chinese Pagoda
Make an intriguing Chinese Pagoda from boxes and paper.
To make a Chinese Pagoda you will need several square boxes (each one slightly larger or smaller than another), a pencil, tape, scissors, paints, a paintbrush, and a heavy weight paper like cardstock. To begin make roofs for each of story of your pagoda. Take each box, put it on top of a larger piece of cardstock and trace the square with your pencil. Once you have traced all the boxes, take those pieces of paper and draw diagonals from each of the corners of the squares you traced to the edges of the paper. Now take each piece of paper and crease the paper along the lines you drew and attach it to the top of the box so the edges overhang. Now stack the boxes with the roofs one on top of the other with the smallest one on the top and secure them together with tape. Once assembled decorate them further with paints and let dry.
Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy Crafting!

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